“Connected ELA” is a one-semester English Language Arts course for middle and high school students. We invite you to choose five playlists, one from each row or section below. Each playlist meets the standards and is equivalent to 11 hours of seat-time in a traditional classroom. All five playlists equal the work you would have done and standards you would have achieved in a 54-hour semester-long English class. In the five rows or sections below, you will be asked to:

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Start an Inquiry
  • Annotate Literature
  • Write About Literature
  • Create a Digital Portfolio

A complete portfolio can earn you an English credit if you are doing this work with a licensed teacher.

How to Get Started

  1. Open four tabs in your browser. You will need to go back and forth between these tabs to do the work for this course. See below.

  2.  Sign up or log in at your email and at three free online platforms, one in each tab.

    • Your mentor or teacher may have already created accounts for you on these sites.
      If so, log in to each when you need them.
      (Teachers can copy and send this datasheet to allisonpr@gmail.com for bulk memberships. Only columns B and F are required.)

    • Or, accept our invitation to register yourself on these free tools for online reading and writing, then return to this page to join a couple of groups in #3, just below:

      Gmail & Docs  |  LRNG.org  | NowComment.com  |  YouthVoices.live

  3. After signing up:

Great! Now, choose one of the playlists in the first row or section and introduce yourself. Then come back to this page to complete a playlist in all five rows or sections below.

How to set your browser tabs: Email, LRNG.org, NowComment.com, YouthVoices.live

How to set your browser tabs: Email, LRNG.org, NowComment.com, YouthVoices.live

Introduce Yourself
Choose one of these LRNG playlists!

Profile Set-up
LRNG Playlist: Write and Record a Journalist Bio
LRNG Playlist: Write and Record Three True Paragraphs about You
LRNG Playlist: You, Immigration, and Justice

Start an Inquiry
Choose one of these LRNG playlists!

LRNG Playlist: Spark Inquiry with Questions
LRNG Playlist: Argument Is Everywhere
LRNG Playlist: My Favorite Word

Annotating Literature
Choose one of these LRNG playlists!

LRNG Playlist: Explore Short Stories
LRNG Playlist: Explore Anecdotes
LRNG Playlist: Annotating Literature

Writing About Literature
Choose one of these LRNG playlists!

Short Stories: Point of View Writing
LRNG Playlist: Short Stories: Writing a Literary Analysis
LRNG Badge: Writing About Literature

Create a Portfolio

LRNG Playlist: Show Your Skillz


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