Here is a list of resources that you might need to use while completing a Playlist (in alphabetical order). Click on the links to discover tutorials that will help you use the resource.

ResourcePurposeTutorial Links
AudacityAudio*Download and Install Audacity
*Basics of Using Audacity (remixed from Gerpar's YouTube Video)
Easel.lyInfographicsHow to use
FlickrPhoto storageHow to use flickr (starts at 3:10)
GoogleDocumenting and infographics*Docs
Sharing your doc with others

Using Draw to create infographics

Word Art Formatting in Draw

Tips for using Maps

Embed on Youth Voices
Hypothes.isAnnotationQuick start guide

Sumitting one link for multiple annotations
NowCommentAnnotation and discussionHow to use NowComment

Get started using NowComment
PiktochartInfographicsQuick demo on piktochart

How to use piktochart

VocarooAudioHow to use and save Vocaroo voice recordings
VoiceThreadConversations about photosHow to create a VoiceThread
WeVideoVideo creationHow to use WeVideo

Tips on creating and editing videos
YouthVoices tutorialsBloggingTutorials for the following tasks can be found on the sidebar of the front page of YouthVoices. Below is a list of tasks included. Click the link for help in finding the sidebar.
*How to Post
*How to Share a Doc for Show and Prove
*Embed on YouthVoices
*Embed a VoiceThread
*Commenting on YouthVoices
*Add a Room for Debate
*Add a Research Question
*Submitting One Link for Multiple Annotations
YouTubeVideo sharingCreate a YouTube Account (starts at 3:47)

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