If a million people went zero-waste it would make an incredible impact on the Earth, we have so little time to save our planet and undo our mistakes. One day, if/when the Earth is dying because of the pollution we’ve created, no one’s excuse should be “I didn’t know how to help”. This video shows just a few ways you can go zero-waste and even how to make beeswax wrap to use as a replacement for plastic/saran wrap.

I saw a video where someone made beeswax wrap and I wanted to show other people without saying “Hey watch this video!” instead I wanted to put my own twist on it and show people a video I made. I also wanted beeswax wrap for me and my family so I figured this was a good excuse.

I learned so much from researching for this video, did you know that in 2014, in the USA, 104 billion single use shopping bags were used! I also learned many ways I can go zero-waste and help the environment and I hope you do too 🙂


Check out our blog and more posts about plastic pollution from me and my partners: Maddie and Trinity!



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