In my last youth voice post, I discussed a new plan that New York city schools were implementing into their school systems… Meatless Mondays! As I have continued my research on the topic of plant based diets, I have found much more to add to the benefits of eating in this new lifestyle. The first article I read was about how to become a vegetarian. It says that about six to eight million american adults eat no meat because of the wide variety of new food options as well as types of plant-based diets. Vegetarians consume more vitamins and consume less saturated fats and artificial flavors and colors; they are likely to have health benefits like lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and a lower bmi which are associated with low risk for chronic diseases. What I also liked about this article was that it included the reasons why people choose not to eat plants based like nutrient deficiency and making switches from meat to processed food sources. But after each counter point, they used evidence to show that you can get all the proper nutrients from a plant based diet and more by being mindful of what we are putting in our bodies and limiting processed meals. 

The next article that I read was an article by the BBC about how going plant based can fight climate change. It discusses how the world could solve so many problems by going vegetarian, especially climate change. Something I found interesting was how Extreme weather has a big impact on quality of the land and livestock sustainability. Livestock growing and production contributes to almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. It also discusses the massive amounts of food waste shows how much we are over producing which contributes to climate change. The article also included an image of a chart explaining what portions of our food contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. It states that 26% of global carbon emissions come from food. 58% of those food emissions come from animal products and of those, 50% of animal products emissions come from beef and lamb production. The overall message of this article is that if humans want to save the planet, we must change the way we utilize our land and resources as well as our lifestyle choices. 

Finally the last article I read was 9 was veganism is helping the planet. It discusses how with the population growing, the demand for more food will increase; if we produce more meat, we will use up more resources and cause more greenhouse gases.  We are producing more crops for animals to consume than for humans to consume. The livestock are also taking up more of our water to water their food and for them to drink. The livestock is only taking up resources that could be used for humans to use and harms the environment. We as a society need to use the land more productively instead of raising livestock so that humans can live comfortably and more environmentally friendly.

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January 6, 2021 1:26 am

It’s really interesting (and slightly depressing) how much the manufacturing of animal products contributes to global warming. When most people think about carbon emissions, their mind goes straight to fossil fuels and fracking, for example, when in reality food production is as much a contributor. The idea of a state wide mandated ‘meatless’ day is a really good idea and I’m sure it would make people think more about what they’re consuming and how it impacts not only their personal health, but our planet and the environment.

February 14, 2020 6:51 pm

Hannah, this was a great post. I loved the amount of evidence you used and how methodically you used it to explain your issue. It really helped put things into perspective about the number of people turning to plant-based diets as well as why it is a good idea. It helped to push the issue that climate change isn’t just about fossil fuels, but simply the food we eat. Thank you!

Ava Hernandez
February 13, 2020 7:32 pm

As I was reading throughout you writing upon, “Plant Based Diets and Saving Our Planet” , I could state the understanding of the similar mindset upon the factor of helping saving the planet and in animals by lowering the amount of meat eating in our bodies. However when you said, ” We as a society need to use the land more productively instead of raising livestock so that humans can live comfortably and more environmentally friendly” , it really attracted me into the subject of veganism due to that I’m vegan . So from that, the background facts of the using of livestock and resources gave me a better understanding and remembrance onto why I became vegan. In which, as a life choice and a way to also help save the planet itself. As a result, this is my understanding and thoughts about your writing from so overall you did very well on the subject of it.

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