Father Micheal stands in front of a stand as he is facing people who are sitting in pews. He  was done reading from the Bible and after that the people got to their knees and began praying. Some people had finished praying and they got up, others went to the front to get la ostia. After they grabbed it and ate it, others ate it as well and drank some wine. The church is a place where people gather safely and come to look for a place to stay. It builds trust in the community so people can know that everyone is welcomed.


I am Deli & Grill in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and I look out for the people in the neighborhood. I watch as people walk past and in the store everyday. Sometimes a boy named Kenny goes alone, and other times he goes with his friends and siblings. Deli & Grill always has what they need and want: chips, drinks, food crowd my aisles and they are restocked by the employees as soon as they are taken away. I’m proud to have a Deli & Grill where people gather to connect with each other and where they can safely hang out. I am glad to see that I am important, and people find me helpful whenever they find themselves in need of getting something.

Sunset Park

The park in Sunset Park is a place full of people and kids. The park is well-known to the community and those that are not part of the community. Sunset park is a place for kids to gather. You can see them running around in the playground, playing tag, or they are playing with the water.The kids go down the slides and swings, sometimes on the soccer field playing against each other there is even a little place in the park where they play volleyball. I have seen the volleyball matches that they’ve had. They take it seriously and they’re competitive, and when it’s summer the pool opens up and all you can see are kids jumping into the pool. 

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October 19, 2022 4:37 pm

I like how you describe everything with golden details and be specific with everything you wrote the park is my favorite one because is one of my specials place to go

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