During the play, “A Glass Menagerie,” a very dysfunctional family of three people can be seen. Amanda the mother, always try to encourage the best of her kids by making them do things that they do not even want to. Tom and Laura live constantly tired of Amanda’s words. Amanda and Tom live constantly arguing because she wants Tom to have a better physical figure and to quit thinking like liquor and cigarettes. Laura lives in a painful environment of shyness because her mother always wants to encourage Laura to find a man that is capable of ending the poverty that they are living in. Amanda enrolls Laura into a business school because from Amanda’s perspective there needs to be a way in which Laura increases the wealth of the family. Due to Amanda’s attitude towards Laura’s desires, Laura decided to quit school and during that time started to wonder in the city. Amanda discovers that Laura was not taking advantage of the school and that she never took a class and made Laura sell magazines to see if she can make extra money while she was looking for the right man that would take the whole family out of poverty. After Amanda deception of Laura, she starts arguing with Tom as usual and by accident Toms broke one of the most precious animal figures that Laura had. Tom felt sorry about the incident so he helped his mother to find a caller for Laura, Tom picked his friend Jim. Amanda was so content that Tom decides to help, so she starts to question Jim, Tom tells her how much he makes. The family coordinated a dinner so Laura can meet Jim but she did not know who he was. After another discussion between Tom and her mother Laura discovered who was coming to the house and she felt so surprised because in high school she used to have a crush on Tom. The next day Jimmy arrives, Laura opens the door and suddenly vanishes for a moment, Jim and Amanda start a conversation. Afterwards Laura gets back to the table and starts quietly eating while Tom, Jim and Amanda were talking. A question that led to my mind while the play was developing, I asked myself as a reader if Jim was aware that he was being a caller for Laura?

The fifth sections of the of the Glass Menagerie might lead the reader feeling a little bit of curiosity, because during the play Amanda seems to be a little bit concern about Tom’s appearance and wants him to be a little bit like his dad even though Toms dad was never enough as a man or as a dad. An example of this is in paragraph 7 where it says “ AMANDA: Comb your hair!  You look so pretty when your hair is combed!  [Tom slouches on sofa with evening paper.  Enormous caption ‘Franco Triumphs’.]  There is only one respect in which I would like you to emulate your father”. This quote means that Amanda wants Tom to fix his physical because appearance means everything and also would help him to be a respected man, also this quote emphasizes the fact that Tom’s dad, Mr winfield always tries to look nice to attract women with his handsomeness.

We as readers learn something interesting about one of the characters of the play, Tom is seen in paragraph 5 after Amanda tries to compare him with his dad where it says “ TOM: I’m going out to smoke.” . This is something that is typical of this character throughout the whole play, Tom is constantly smoking since the beginning of the play and that happens every time that he was in an argument with his mother or after having even a semi decent conversation. So far Tom seems to be annoyed, upset and aggravated. He’s annoyed because his mother is constantly trying to get into his business a lot and she doesn’t understand that he is a grown up adult, the character is typically upset because his mother do not understand that she’s not seeking for his happiness instead she only does what’s also combeniente for herself and in the play as reader we can understand that the character is aggravated by all the situations that is going on at his broken home with his annoying mother. As a reader I wouldn’t like to be him because Tom as a character is under a lot of pressure just by listening to her mother acting that she really cares about him, also it could be difficult being the only one that brings food at home but no one can make him feel good about anything he does and lastly no reader would like to be him because he is attached to his dad memory and that damaging him inside.

After this part of the play, most readers will probably look forward to reading the rest of the play because they would try to understand more about why Tom is always upset and cannot stand being next to his mother Amanda. Also most of the reader would like to know what the role of Laura besides being the shy sister, what is she doing during the whole play? Why did Amanda always have an issue understanding Tom? Does Mr., Winfield appear at the end of the play?. Finally the reader would like to know the following answer to those questions. I can foreshadow that after this scene of the play Tom would try to understand his mother better or either he would leave the house.

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