In the article,”Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars” (BTW, 2021). I learned that after spending 7 months traveling 470 million miles Perseverance made it to Mars in order to search for the microbial life of the past. It landed in crater by the name of Jezero where there was once a lake; knowing this. they decided for it to search there as it would uncover the evolution of the planet over the time it has been as well as the water that was there. In addition to this, Perseverance was tasked to essentially test if in the future they could make it livable. Then comes Ingenuity which is tasked with taking colored pictures and testing powered flight, to send the info back to Earth. Pretty cool stuff.

I think this is pretty epic stuff, super epic cool epicness. Speaking of space, it truly is amazing, the thought of the limitless amount of space where it cannot be comprehended is truly such a delight; such as death, it being understandable in concept but when you consider what is beyond it, one cannot grasp the true fear, the true meaning that is such a thing. Realising that one will experience it is so amazing but so terrifying. Of course one day I hope i can see even a tiny bit of space, it is so beautiful.

Do you think that facing the unknown is something that is to be concerned about or a necessary part of human life?

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September 23, 2022 1:03 am

Hi Marcos,

I loved reading the enthusiasm in your post! It really made me wonder what you want to study after high school. I think you would find such joy in studying astronomy. Here is a site with information about colleges with astronomy majors. Just a thought!

Ms. Navarro

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