According to Upfront’s latest edition, experts are considering whether or not to stop the production of pennies. When you see a penny on the floor do you pick it up? Not likely right? That is because we see pennies as worthless. We find no useful value in them enough to pick them up from the floor.

That is why many experts are saying yes to the halt of production. They argue that pennies have become worthless in today’s society. But they argue this because of today’s credit and debit cards, along with apps that make it much easier to pay with. Less and less people carry actual cash around with them, which would support the halt of penny production.

Others say that the penny should continue because there are still people who use cash, and because the if pennies were to be stopped, the price of things would rise. For example, products would no longer be $1.99, instead they would be $2.00+tax.

People have different opinions about the subject, which are both valid. What do you think; should penny production be stopped or not?



  1. Yamile 3 weeks ago

    Hey Diana, I found your post “Penny Production” very interesting. Its similarity reminds me of something I posted not so long ago which was also a debate whether we should get rid of establishments that don’t accept cash. In the times we’re living in right now some find it easier to use credit cards than exchange cash that others have touched, but they also have to keep in mind those people that don’t have credit cards and only carry cash. Same with the pennies I would say. I agree I never pick up pennies when I see one I leave it there or when I do get some when I receive change I just throw it in my piggy bank. I’m not much of a coins person when it comes to paying so I only like using cash, but I would say it’s not a necessity for them to get rid of the pennies because there are people who use them and it may be the only thing they have to pay. Thank you for sharing, I hope to see what you write soon.
    -Yamile Beltran

  2. Mark 4 weeks ago

    This was an interesting post!
    Do you know whether pennies will still be legal tender if they are no longer being produced?
    Personally, I’ve heard that pennies cost more to produce than they are worth, so I think the production of pennies should be stopped.
    I’d be interested to know more about the counterarguments against ending production of pennies.
    Great post!

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