Peer Interview by Olga

May 10, 2017


Peer Interview

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This video was made at PULSE High School (Providing Urban Learners Success in Education). PULSE is an alternative school, a school designed to help students who have fallen behind get assistance they need and catch up on the high school credits they are missing. This video was made as part of a Youth Voices English Project. We are researching the obstacles that students succumb to, causing them to fall behind and face the dilemma of possible dropping out of school. The speakers in this video is myself , Kiara Natal and the person recording whom is Shareef.

“ To never give up, too always keep going no matter what” i said when kiara Natal asked “ so since you’re graduating from PULSE ,what is one thing you will take with you?”

This quote is what I wake up too every morning, I promise myself each day to work hard and be faithful to the urging of the message . . . but there are days when it is very, very, very hard. I have made mistakes, I have failed at numerous things, but I know there is another chance for me. Look, I am ready to graduate! That’s real progress; there was a time when people doubted me to my face.

“ what was different about coming from a mainstream school to going into an alternative school” Kiara asked.

A mainstream school is not where many students get to learn because of the amount of students the one teacher has to teach , in my position a mainstream school did not fit who i am. i’m an IEP student who needs special needs when it comes to my education and Pulse provided that for me , Pulse helped me in various types of ways that i don’t think any other high school couldn’t.

They put me in the right direction which i wish every student should have the chance to be in my shoes. Having this help has made me a better person and also a better student. I want to thank all of the people who helped me succeed and be better in life