College is a resource that opens the gateway to many opportunities. At the end of high school one is given a multitude of paths that can be taken such as a 4 year college, though college isn’t the only option. The payback challenge is a game that simulates the choices a student must make that impacts the direction of their future career.

Equally of importance a learner must learn to relax. Recuperate their thoughts and have a day off. Overwhelming your plate with work will end poorly for many. Balance is a necessity to be learned and a life skill that will assist in multiple areas of life. Within the Playback simulation I made a decision to work 40 hours. I frequently studied if I wasn’t working. I perceived that when I failed to relax my happiness and social reputation would immensely diminish. I observed the requirement of self control and self discipline. Completion of work is needed before I should be allowed the freedom to have fun and make memories.

The implementation of the experience I have gathered from the Payback challenge will vastly improve my future. I have learned the necessity of a schedule to sustain balance among the key aspects of my life. Self control is a crucial component in maintaining the schedule once it is assembled. 

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Kolby Sessions
Kolby Sessions
November 29, 2022 5:47 pm

Very good post! It was super interesting and was able to grasp my attention fairly quickly! I enjoyed your take on relaxation and its importance. I really agreed with that part. Well done!

November 22, 2022 1:14 am


I think this post is really interesting! I liked your comments about the importance of relaxing and how the absence of relaxation can be detrimental. I feel like this is something that can hit home for everyone, especially high school students, as we often forget that taking a break and a moment to breath is not only ok but necessary.
Thanks for writing!

Grace B
November 18, 2022 7:53 pm

Nice post Gaia,
I love your opening statement it made me want to read more and caught my attention. I loved that you said teenagers need to take a day off to just relax and regroup. Often time we get so caught up in work and school we forget to take time to just relax.
Nice Post!

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