While reading the first part of this book it seemed like Paul knew that Rwanda was not the loveliest place but it was still home to him. Also that the people did what they could with what little they had. He explained it as a small place with many hills each owned by a family. He talked about the type of “culture” that they had there. He also spoke a little about what his father meant to him.

The first section of  “An Ordinary Man” by Paul Rusesabagina might leave a reader feeling passionate because despite knowing what others think about Rwanda Paul Rusesabagina still finds ways to see the good in his home and reasons why he loves it. An example of this is on page 1 “ Our house was made of mud and sticks. We were about a mile away from the nearest village. The first world I can remember was green and bright, full of cooking fires and sisters murmuring and drying sorghum corn leaves in the wind and the warm arms of my mother.” from reading this you can see that Paul Rusesabagina despite what others might think, loves his home.

A reader’s question might start on page 8 where it says “Banana beer is known as the drink of reconciliation. It plays an important role in our traditional local court system.” this might leave a reader wondering how a cup of beer made from bananas can serve as help in court. Paul Rusesabagina later explains that it just serves as a sign of mutual respect and friendship. After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because if you have any knowledge of the past, you should know that there was a large civil conflict in Rwanda. What’s probably going to happen next is Paul Rusesabagina is gonna talk about his experience during the conflict.

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