Me and three other of my colleagues worked on a wordpress blog from the start of February to the end of May. Here is what our blog was about, what we learned, and our success.

What my blog was about

The overall goal of my project was to improve the quality of parks. There are innumerable amount of parks that have many flaws. These issues can be very major issues such as park safety or unclean water. For example, the hockey rink in Dutch kills Playground park is often dirty and filled with litter, and is rarely cleaned up. This can cause children to easily slip. In addition, the pavement is very uneven and cracked, which can cause children to easily trip. This is a major problem as it causes kids to often trip and injure themselves. Last year, in Dutch Kills Playground which has unpaved and uneven concrete, a student in my class had his tooth ripped off and another had to get stitches right around their eye, as a result of this. I, myself, have also suffered damaging falls in that park, as a consequence of the parks numerous issues. There is a clear correlation between quality of park and park safety. In addition, the cleanliness of water is often subpar, which can lead to the spread of waterborne diseases. Unclean drinking and recreational water exposure has accounted for many outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis, which is an important cause of epidemic diarrhea in the general population and can be an untreatable severe or life-threatening infection in immunosuppressed individuals. Because low levels of Cryptosporidium oocysts have been detected in 65%–97% of surface-water supplies, there is concern that most populations may be at risk for waterborne infections.

Our success

Our project has been somewhat successful. While our videos have gotten at least 50 views each, which is another 50 people being educated, small steps can lead to a big difference. Our blog also has almost 1000 views, though it has a few amount of visitors. This means that visitors that we get are intrigued by the research we have done, possibly sparking some people. Certain pages, however, have gotten much more views than others. We should have adjusted our content to post more often of what is best fitted. Our petition also only got a measly 13 signers, and 4 of those were ours.

Summary and Conclusion

Our main idea was that the quality of parks should be improved, as it can result in unsafe conditions that are dangerous to a community. If I could do this project all over again, I would spread my information by word and I realized that getting consistent viewers is very difficult, and it is easier to convey your feelings in person than in text.

For more information, please check our wordpress blog out at

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