Paranoia by Valerie

November 28, 2018



In this poem I connected Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare) to Oakland. It is related because the first sentence is a line from the sonnet. This part later on shows that instead of it being the Montagues and Capulets, it is just the city of Oakland. Hope you enjoy my poem and please leave comments.



Two households, both alike in dignity

Separated by the thin line of hate

Boundaries being claimed

So many gangs could be named

9 am

Boom !

A gunshot from a distance

The echoing as it fades away

Being confused if it’s a firecracker or an attempted murder

Hearing a helicopter flying nearby

Being scared in your home not even knowing if you are safe

The sirens of police and paramedics arriving to the scene

The paranoia lying in your bed as the noise gets louder

11 am

You drive to a destination you are so eager to see

The brightness of the yellow tape as it shouts CAUTION

And yellow cones all with numbers on them

A crime scene

Bags and belongings on the floor

Thinking back to hearing the ricochet of bullets as they fell down

Being anxious for the traffic light to turn green

So you could flee the scene

Feeling apprehensive of all noise around you

Because it could be anything


Hoping for violence to end

So we could roam the streets

To freedom