These days, most of the people are talking about the same thing “COVID-19” or “pandemic diseases”. According to a website the definition of pandemic is:a pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents, or worldwide. That’s why COVID-19 is a pandemic disease, it is spread all over the world but the worst thing is, there are not any vaccines for that virus. That disease affects a lot of things.Unfortunately most importantly it affects the human life and health. Other things that COVID-19 affects are,economy, jobs and more.In this post I will discuss the economic impacts.

First impact on the economy is the trades between countries.In one of the websites that I have searched, it shows that China’s exports fell 17.2% in January and February which is a really big impact for all over the world because it is not only about China it is about the countries who exports from China. The other website says that it can take three years for the US economy to recover from COVID-19. However, this situation is not only about the countries, it affects humans as well. At this period of time, I heard a lot of businesses allowed employees free or completely closed the business, which is really bad for the employees because at this time nobody wants to hire an employee but those employees still have expenses but they are not earning money to pay those expenses, However, the worst thing for that situation is nobody knows how long it is going to be because there aren’t any vaccines for that pandemic disease.

 However, there are lots of ways that the economy can be affected by the diseases but for me these are the worst economic impacts globally and personally that COVID-19 or other kinds of pandemic diseases cause. Unfortunately, I think that these kinds of impacts will continue after COVID-19 and all these bad times are over.

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