In the article, “Should Paid Sick Days Be Required?” I learned that most U.S companies offer their employees a certain amount of sick days and still get paid. Although there are many companies that offer this not all of them do. There are about a quarter of American workers that do not have paid sick days. As Covid-19 began to spread throughout American communities public health officials gave a simple advice to slow down the virus which was “If you feel sick, stay home from work.” This seems like a simple action to do but for those workers who don’t get paid sick days that can be very hard to do. For those workers without paid sick days, getting sick means having to choose between going to work and getting paid or having the day off and a possible chance of losing a paycheck. These workers who choose work over their health risk the other workers of getting sick. 

This is a very controversial topic. This topic can go in two ways you either believe paid sick days are important or you don’t. I believe that paid sick days are very important especially because of the circumstances we are in at the moment. During this pandemic there have been many more cases of coronavirus in jobs. This is a danger not only to those workers being at risk of this virus but their families as well. 

Do you think paid sick days should be required? 



  1. Lizbeth 3 weeks ago

    Dear Litzy
    I like your post “paid sick days. I agree with you that when people are sick they should be paid. I think they should be paid because they never know when they actually need the money . Now a day people should still get paid when getting sick because what if they need the money to pay for there median.But i also think that if the person got sick in the job they should get paid.

  2. Rosa 4 weeks ago

    Dear Litzy,
    I am intrigued to your post and i agree that there should be paid sick days because you mentioned, ” I believe that paid sick days are very important especially because of the circumstances we are in at the moment.” In these moments is when we need to get paid for sick days because we are having a difficult times and were not use to this situation.
    Sincerely Rosa

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