In the article, “Growing Up”, I was able to learn that many children growing up aren’t able to learn things on their own and become unprepared for when they get older. The reason this happens is because parents become too overprotective, especially if you grow up in a certain household you have certain rules and things you can’t do until youre a certain age. What parents don’t realize is that having  a child grow up like this can lead to a lot of distrust and distance within their relationship. Although I do think that its good to set some rules and limitations to things, some parents go way too far especially when they don’t let their children do things that other children that age commonly do. Ultimately, parents should be able to raise their children without being so overprotective and be able to build good trusting relationships with them. 

Do you think you’ve grown up in an overprotective environment? If so, how has that affected your relationship with your parents? 

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September 6, 2022 2:36 am

Dear, Karen Sr

I agree with your post about “Overprotective Parents” because, in my opinion, I believe that strict parents do create sneaky kids. Especially because you won’t just “deprive them of doing bad things” but you’ll lead them to do things behind your back and if something goes wrong they won’t ever have the courage or trust to ask you for help. This will result in further damage and even having to ask for help from someone else who wont bring them any good. A line that stood out to me was “What parents don’t realize is that having a child grow up like this can lead to a lot of distrust and distance within their relationship.” I totally agree! I know parents don’t do it with bad intentions and just want the best for us but if we can’t trust you to come and ask for help after we made a mistake then how do you expect us to have good communication with you or have a strong relationship with one another? Looking forward to more of your post!
Isabel Fonseca

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