Author: Paige

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Overcoming Insecurity

Being insecure about looks or identity can cause people to take their insecurities out on others by putting them down. Habits of people who are insecure include: criticizing others, never saying no, asking for reassurance, passive-aggressive communication, and excessive positivity (Wignall). Everyone becomes insecure every now and then, but if insecurity does start to cause “major stress in your life” or these habits are becoming out of control, there are ways to overcome the insecurities and become “more secure with yourself” (7 Summit Pathways).

You can “balance negative thoughts with positive ones” by coming up with a positive thought every time you have a negative one. Another way to become more secure is to “question your negative perceptions”. When you have negative thoughts about yourself, check to see if that thought is actually true. You may think that you look a certain way or act a certain way that you dislike, but is there “factual evidence for those perceptions?” You can also work on forgiving yourself because you are a human being and every human makes mistakes. You should not beat yourself up over a simple error. Instead look at the mistake as a learning area and move past it (7 Summit Pathways). 

Finally, you can “get support from others”. Friends and family can give you the reassurance you need in your life that can help you to get past the insecurity. If their “outside perspective” and reassurance is not enough to help you and the insecurity becomes too much of a burden in your daily life, you should consider reaching out to a “mental health professional” (7 Summit Pathways). If you do not think professional help is necessary, you may want to consider joining a support group that also struggles with insecurities. Having positive allies during the process of becoming secure could be just the thing you need to overcome the insecurities (Goldsmith). You can turn insecurities from weaknesses into strengths by overcoming them. 

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