In pre school i could not control myself do to adhd. Where my teachers said i was hard to handle and i should be held back before i start elementary school.  So thats what happened, i started behind. I was always asked why I was a year older than everyone and at the time I thought it was so I can be smarter than everyone else. It’s quite the opposite. During the years i learned to control myself from those around me. Through elementary school it was never a struggle with academics but it was with me trying to calm myself. When I got into middle school my teachers told me and my parents that I was acting all of my classes with trying and that I should move up a grade so I’m challenged and back where I was supposed to be. I accepted but i had trouble catching up. I skipped one of the most important transitions in my life. And because of that i had to try to catch up. Missing a whole year of school really made me stressed out. But at the end of middle school i felt caught up and ready for highschool. But once again I was challenged, the judge ‘s memorial proved to be a lot more difficult than my middle school. Where i had to balance extracurricular activities while keeping my grades up, and trying to mature. But my sophomore year was a reality check for me, because my social, academic, and physical life dropped significantly. I decided to take more hard classes like chemistry honors but had a hard time studying and doing the homework. That’s also when my brother left for college. This took a toll on me where i felt more nervous sad and depressed not having him with me. He always helped guide me and without him i needed to learn to make my own path. Where i needed to surround myself with people that i need not the people that my brother needed. Semester 2 i started a incline where my life started to get better and my school. I got better people to be around and they helped my get caught up. My junior year was a big change for me where I felt more confident.  When I took my first college classes, I got into weight lifting for my physical health. And in robotics i always was known as a grunt and didn’t do much for the team. But then something switched where i started leading others and becoming a leader. Where I learned that I need to guide others so they aren’t in the same spot as I was. This was also the time where I was tested for my adhd again and I was told that I don’t have it anymore. And that I have enough control over myself that my addiction won’t affect me anymore. Then I started to see a change in my grades and health for the better. Where I got the highest GPA I have ever gotten and I became more active. I believe that if my past saw me today that he would be proud of what we became. 

the feedback was very useful i have an idea on how im going to add engineering into my essay now and how to cunclude it

4. it helped me a lot telling me i need to finish of on how i have changed as a person overall with all of the problems i overcomed in the past.

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