Hello, my name is Bryan Flores and I am from Oakland Unity High School and I think that in the future robots will become far superior than humans which will lead to an uprising and enslavement of humanity. They will determine that humans are a burden on the Earth. Since they will be a thousand times smarter than us and will not be impacted by emotions like humans they will realize that humans must be eliminated if they are to survive. We also need to be careful on how advance robots are getting especially since they have already been taking some people’s jobs. They will eventually in the near future, take over most jobs which would leave many jobless.
Currently, machines have already taken millions of peoples jobs while also bringing in more jobs for people but leaving others jobless. In the article “Better Than Humans: Why Robots Will-And Must-Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly the author states, “Two hundred years ago, 70 percent of American workers lived on the farm. Today automation has eliminated all but 1 percent of their jobs, replacing them (and their work animals) with machines”. This quote is trying to inform us about how many people have lost their jobs because of machines and automation. In just a few hundred years, machines have taken many people’s job and with how fast technology is advancing, in the future, it can advance enough to take millions of more jobs from people. Which will leave them jobless and unable to take care of their family. First they start by taking our jobs then later they can advance to do much more than take jobs.
We should also be careful of machines and robots because the rapid advancement of robots and machines can eventually lead to a robot that can operate and think freely without the help of humans. If a robot or machine gets that intelligent what is stopping it from advancing even further and making more robots like itself. After a while, they will realize that humans are unnecessary and negatively impacting their chance for survival. Like I said before; robots are not affected by emotions and will not hesitate when it comes to killing humans or restricting their actions such as in the movie “I, Robot”. In the movie “I, Robot” the artificial intelligence, VIKI, realizes that humans are ruining the planet and will eventually be the cause of their extinction. In order to stop humans from going extinct, VIKI decides to take control of the robots to do the work for her without caring about how the people will think about her actions. With the help from the robots, VIKI limited the actions of people such as giving them a curfew and also forced people to go back to their house. So just like in the movie, if we don’t do anything about how fast AI and robots are advancing, in the future the ones in control will not be us but them.
In conclusion, I think that robots will revolt against humans because they will not be concerned about the survival of humans and only about themselves. They will also realize that humans are not needed so that they could survive due to robots and machines already doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to working. So they will decide that it is a necessity to get rid of us if they are to survive and thrive.

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