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My name is Miriam Martin and I am a Sophomore attending Oakland Unity High School. For the past few weeks, our class has taken up the topic of Artificial Intelligence with the following question, “Do you think that robots in the future will, in fact, lead an uprising and enslave humanity?”. After many group readings, seminars, and watching an A.I related movie,“I,Robot”, here is what I have to say and why.

In the beginning, I thought it was completely okay to create AI robots. After all, the amount of technology & A.I gadgets around us is very much ubiquitous. Look at how much advanced tech has brought us. Smartphones, ios and windows, television, and ,not to mention, WiFi. Doctors wouldn’t know any other way to diagnose skin cancer, melanoma, if it wasn’t for the MelaFind optical scanner. As I kept reading and analyzing, I realized I didn’t acknowledge the downsides. Like everything great, it didn’t come without any bumps in the road along the journey. Smartphones are very useful, yes, but it can be addicting and consumes your time from daily life and activities. Same goes for computers and smart tv’s, it can keep you up to date with news around the world but Drake & Josh every afternoon is controlling your time, especially for the younger generations. After much thought, I say it is not okay to keep creating artificial intelligence for the generations to come because us humans are not ready for that type of responsibility. I find it almost foolish that people are considering this because we all know consequences will follow the decision of creating robots. No longer will I, Robot be a movie, but possibly a reality. In “Our Robotic Future”, it mentions the late Stephen Hawking and his eerie prediction about A.I’s. “I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”. He was a physics genius and contributed a lot of his works in the field of science so, shouldn’t we take his warning into consideration? In this next article, the creation of robots is a good thing because humans will take over the jobs humans deem unnecessary and ‘workbots’ will follow you around and help you with your chores. “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will—And Must—Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelley has separated the different ways of robot replacement into categories. To summarize, Robots will do our current jobs better than we will ever do, our current jobs that we cannot do but machinery could, and automation will create jobs for us humans along the way. So, where does that leave others? If we can create robots that take over our easy and simple jobs, where will people with little to no education go? Kelley says that jobs robots cannot do will benefit the employee because it’s most likely a harder task which means higher education leading to a better earning salary. Back to education, most immigrants in the US came here for better opportunities because none was given to them in their country. Workers come here to take the easiest jobs available because they did not receive any type of education or couldn’t go on to college so what jobs will be given to them? New creation of jobs will be benefiting higher education not low education. In conclusion, I do not think the creation of Robots is a wise choice.

Kelley, Kevin. “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will—and Must—Take Our Jobs.” Https://, 24 Dec. 2012.

Readings 1: Our Robotic Future

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