My name is Valeria Fornes and I am a 10th grader at Oakland Unity High School. I believe that in the future robots will take over the world. If we take a look at technology we can see how it’s becoming part of our lives. There are self driving cars, smart phones, computers, and artificial intelligence that are advancing every day. A couple of years ago students used to do their homework on pen and paper and read textbooks to look for information , but now we type essays on computers and turn them in online. We see technology every day, but my question is how will the newer technology in the future help us as humans? In the movie “I, Robot”, robots were used as assistance for humans. There was a scene where a robot was told to go fetch a purse in it’s owners home because she had her Inhaler there that she really needed. So the robot ran back to it’s owners home and retrieved the bag so she can use her inhaler. If that robot wasn’t with her she would not have gotten her Inhaler when she really needed it. This shows how useful advanced technology can be, in the article “ The real Cyborgs”  written by Arthur House tells a story about a guy named Ian Burkhart who was paralyzed from the neck down since a driving accident. “… A thick cable protruded from the crown of his shaven head. A sleeve sprouting wires enveloped his right arm… in a crowded room in the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University, Burkhart’s hand spasmed into life…”(House). This shows how technology helped Burkhart’s gain some of his mobility back again. Again we see how technology is helping people, and as technology advances it can help more and more people.

I believe the future is near, it might not look like how we expected but there is a slight hope it’s going to help a multitude of people. Since different people need a different type of help we can use technology to help us help them. There is also a slight chance technology will ruin the human race. The fear of robots uprising and enslaving the human race. We have the three laws of robotics, but in the movie “I, Robot” things get very complicated which caused many people’s lives. I believe that if the same law’s are placed on humans and robots we can live in harmony. We as humans have to be careful on what we make since we can get attached to things that simulate feelings. In the article “Is It OK to Torture or Murder a Robot” by Richer Fisher it talks about a robot toy named Pleo and an experiment that Kate Darling held. “Pleo has trusting eyes and affectionate movements” so Fisher continues to talk about Kate and how she gave a group of people some Pleo toys. After they had some time to play with Pleo she gave them weapons to hurt them but they would hesitate because in the short amount of time they had with the Pleo toy they created an attachment. So Back to my point If humans are careful enough to not create a bond with robots we can possibly avoid a robot uprising.

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