Our project’s objective was to try to make TWC to laminate their windows. Bird collisions happen extremely often around the TWC building, polluting the streets and causing birds a painful death. By gaining enough signatures, we could be able to present it to the Related Companies, the owners of the building. Our project has not been successful, we were only able to gain about 39 signatures. Our blog was also gaining absolutely no traction either.

Our project was not a success at all. Looking at our change.org petition, we have only gained 39 signatures. This is an extremely small amount, and wouldn’t get us anywhere. 39 is less than the population of almost any given block, it’s most likely a fraction of that too. It’s simply just not enough to go anywhere. Having an upwards of 600 signatures was even more favorable. However, I don’t think that even that number would allow us to accomplish our goal.

Our blog has also not gotten many views at all. Our most popular post only got 8 views. It wasn’t even able to break 10. And even then, most of our posts besides that one have only received 1-3 views, often from each other. No one looked at the blog, so no one was able to get informed about our situation. Bird collisions aren’t that informed of a problem, so not many people might have been able to find it by looking through it normally.

When doing this project, both our blog and our petition were not able to gain any traction. The blog sat at a miserable 8 views for the top post, while the petition only got 39 signatures. Both numbers are small enough to not have made any difference at all. If we were to do this project over again, I think we should have stuck to advertising our problem more, rather than making lots of content. Advertising was much more important to focus on, and our numbers show that.

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October 11, 2019 5:50 pm

Ashton, immediately upon reading your article I became interested in your project. I started to do some research on laminated glass and I found that the glass when broken will hold together rather than shatter. Personally I feel this is beneficial for a building regardless of bird collision rates. Perhaps if you were to try and get more signatures you could pitch the idea that way. It would benefit people in the building keeping the glass intact preventing potential falls as well as protect the people passing below from potential falling glass. All of this while simultaneously helping the birds. “Bird collisions happen extremely often around the TWC building, polluting the streets and causing birds a painful death,” is a really good incentive for people, but perhaps the inclusion of something more would further influence those considering signing. Hopefully you are able to get this project up and running, as I am interested in seeing where it goes from here. I feel that you have a very good idea, it just needs to be set in motion.

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