My group’s overall goal in this project for homelessness is to spread awareness through our blogs, social media, petition, and youth voices so that more homeless shelters can be built in NYC. By gaining more followers, views, and likes, we can gain enough people to become involved in this issue so that our blogs and issue can be noticed to make a difference. Overall, throughout the 3 or 4 months we have worked on this project, we have not really achieved our goal on spreading awareness.

I think our project was a fail because my group and I have very little views and likes, and diversity in all our blogs. First off, we have a total of 131 views in total and mostly form USA. The blog in which we had gained the most amount of views was 11; the rest are either 3 or 4. In addition, most of our views are from USA- with 125 views, 2 in Ireland, 2 from United Kingdom, 1 from Bangladesh, and 1 from Hong Kong, China. Lastly, in most of our blogs, we have zero or one like.

The second reason, I thought our project was unsuccessful was because our petition social media posts, and our videos have not a lot lot of views just like our blogs. We gained a total of 12 followers for our petition and about 20 followers on Instagram. This is barely enough to make a difference or be noticed to make a change. If we were to be successful, I think our goal would be to get at least 100 followers in our petition and 200 followers in our social media platforms. In our individual videos we made discussing different subtopics on homelessness, we didn’t get much views or likes on Youtube, social media, or our blogs. Thus, it is not enough to make this project a success.

In conclusion, our project was mostly a fail because of our inability to spread awareness through views, likes, followers, and diversity among our blogs, social media, petition, and videos. Because we can’t  spread awareness, we cannot achieve our end goal of building more homeless shelters around NYC. Next time, my group and I work on a project like this again, I think I can improve by spreading this issue to more social media platforms, and sending an email promoting our issue to our school- BSGE.

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