What should we do about our environment? 

By The year 2050 it is estimated that many bad things will happen thanks to the treatment we give our planet. It is expected that the CO2 levels increase and affect our agriculture leaving millions in starvation, aside from the ongoing climate change. Climate change is something some people want to forget exists, and on the contrary we should be excessively aware of it more now than ever. 

There are simple ways in which we can save our planet. The three r’s , and make efficient uses. For example print as less as possible, use more digital documents rather paper. And if using paper making sure to recycle it after. Save electricity and water. Electricity by turning on the less lights possible, and avoiding unnecessary use. Water is something everyone takes advantage of, but it’s also one of our most delicate resources.

At this point we should really learn how to take care of our planet. Our planet is the only thing we truly have and we have to take care of it. This planet is what is holding  all of society, and this is something important since future generations have to be able to survive. Humans are going to drive humans into extinction and the only ones that can change that are humans.




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