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Since the beginning of Covid, the United States has depended too heavily on other countries to manufacture everyday goods such as masks, clothes, hand sanitizer, and other critical items. Wessel, for example, believes that “there has been a recognition that if you rely too heavily on long supply chains and go to China, we may find ourselves in a bad place if we need something in a hurry.” This is correct in my opinion; we depend on other countries to manufacture goods and import them to us. Yes, it is true that other countries may be able to import goods at a lower cost to us, but we must maintain our allies for future important events. Also, since the pandemic began, the entire world has been/is overly reliant on Zoom, and most workers now prefer to work from home and send their work to their coworkers. If this continues, small businesses such as coffee shops and other fast-food restaurants that rely on these people to make a profit will suffer greatly.

I think we have become overly reliant on zoom, and the world now prefers to work from home because it is more convenient. However, we need them to return to work at the facilities so that we can return to normalcy. However, if this continues, it will be catastrophic for a large number of people.

Will the pandemic end soon or will it stay with us for another while?

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