Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez

I am so happy to hear your great respond to the question in  your Instagram video because I do agree with what you were saying the new generation are sensitive in positive way. I think the question is somewhat provocative and that’s why you were so excited to respond to that question in more detail. You just say the truth because you really felt and understood how the new generation is doing great even though some of them are having a hard time.

One thing you said that stands out for me is “ One thing that I love so much about the new generation is the radical acceptance that I see from so many. They actually take time to read and understand our history”.  I think this is what all of the older generations should think because the new generation do care about the history trying to learn from all of the past stories. The fact that as a new generation we have to deal with what the old generations have done to our countries is one of the reasons why the new generation care about the history. They try to take the positive things and learn from that for a better future, and look at the negative things and stay away from that so they don’t fall into the same mistakes.

I do agree with you that the new generation has the ability to have a whole conversation about history. I think that is true because there are many kids I have seen talking about history and they were great. Another reason why the new generation are able 

Recently I was looking at videos by young activists, and one of them is a good example of what I’m saying here.

I’m especially inspired by the video by Prince Ea because it explained how the old generation is giving a messed up world to the new generation. New generation will have to rebuild and clean the environment. Water and also air is polluted and new generation are smart enough to clean it. 

New generation we are sorry. We are sorry for giving you a messed up world. 

This is basically saying that old generation regret ruining the world. They are saying sorry to future generation for the pain the will go through trying to fix this issue or dealing with it.

I think this history is a good example of development and growth throughout life time. Something you said in your video: “ young people are more informed and dynamic then older people” I agree with you here, because young people tend to care more about the future and are hoping to put in the extra work to achieve their goals.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. I look forward to seeing what you do or say next. I’m interested in following you because you care about the generation, and you always looking out for the people in your city. You always say the truth no matter what.

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August 24, 2020 5:51 am

Dear Ahmede:
I am amazed with your post , “Our Generation is Sensitive in a Positive Way,” because you talk about how the new generations are able to talk to one another and learn from previous mistakes. It shows how the acceptance and knowledge is growing which will change our future. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “…young people tend to care more about the future and are hoping to put in the extra work to achieve their goals.” I think this is great because it shows how the new generations have goals in mind, and are working hard to better our world. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like how you specifically wrote to Representative Ocasio-Cortez, whom I believe is a great leader during these times. I also agreed with your additional thoughts, so I would like to continue reading more.

Zhelanea Quinteros

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