Our Future Meat World by Gerardo

April 9, 2021


Our Future Meat World

Did you know that there are scientists trying to come up with an alternate option for meat? This new type of meat is called a lab-based type of meat. So far it has only been tried in Singapore but very soon we might be able to see some here in the United States. They want to go to this alternative so in the near future there can be significantly fewer animal slaughters. They use a non-harming cell sample from a cow for instance and they put it in a container and then it starts to convert into a piece of meat by scientists putting nutrients in it. Also if you think about it we will also save other essentials that we use to feed these animals like water and other essentials we used to get this animal meat. According to the Journal of Animal Science Making one quarter-pound hamburger, for instance, uses up almost 7 pounds of crop feed, 75 square feet of land, and nearly 53 gallons of water. But there also have been some complaints that this meat alternative is another bad thing because fossil fuels get used up to make these types of meat alternatives. So there are some pros and cons to this newly developed idea. There have been people who have tasted this meat alternative like Chase Purdy and he says “Exactly like the meat you would expect it to taste like“. So now what are your thoughts about this potential future meat?

In my opinion this seems like a very beneficial to everyone worldwide. This meat alternate will help us save more resources that we need to stay alive like water and other things. But there is still that negative that we would be releasing more fossil fuels that affects our world.

Will this type of meat be a downfall or a benefit to us in the future?