Education is everything to Americans.  We want to live a comfortable life, have a stable job, and we grow up learning that we have to go to college to achieve this.  Children and teens learn that college is a necessity even when it isn’t an option for everyone.  Inner city schools, with populations comprised largely of minority groups, have high dropout rates. If schools with high dropout rates were improved, everyone would have a fairer chance at getting into college.

Teacher reports from inner city schools give insight into what education is like for urban dwellers.  It has been said that teachers are working with outdated textbooks in short supply in high poverty areas.  If funding was increased for these schools, they would have the same quality of supplies seen in other areas of the country.  Everyone would have access to the same information, giving schools in low-income areas a greater chance at preparing students for college.  If students were receiving the same quality of even just supplies, more people would graduate, and we would see more people getting into college.

Change needs to happen sp our future children can live in the best society.  We need people in college so they aren’t living in poverty and become doctors, lawyers, and engineers who help advance the country.  Without education, people can’t do these things, and if we increase everyone’s chance of getting a college education, we can fix the problem.

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January 10, 2018 2:22 am

Maddie, I agree with your stance on education to promote the advancing of society. I agree that the government needs to allocate more money to the states for inner city education funding. I live in a state with a fairly underfunded educational system, and I find this topic very interesting. I believe a huge education reform needs to occur in the next decade for our future generations. I have researched into foreign education and found that countries like Finland and Sweden have very advanced education systems that have much more sensibility ingrained in them. I enjoyed reading your article and would like to see where your research takes you. Here is a link to an article about European education:

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