America is a land filled with opportunity and new beginnings. Everyone can pursue what they want and can live their life as they please. There is a lot that goes into our American values, creeds, beliefs, and culture. I believe that getting along together and supporting each other is important for our American values and day to day life.

These days not a lot of people get along and it feels like there is a lot of division with all the stuff that is showing up in the news lately. We have to learn to understand each other and try to see or put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We have to learn that we are all one nation and it doesn’t matter what race you are or what religion you believe in. It is important that we learn to love each other and help each other achieve our goals as a nation. We all want to be treated fairly and equally and its time that we put that fourth.

In the article “ What Do American Values Mean to You?” the author Caroline Gilpin says, “You cannot define Americans by what they look like, where they come from, whom they love or how they worship. Only our democratic values define us. And if we lose sight of this in our conduct at home or abroad, we jeopardize the respect that has made the United States the greatest nation on earth.” I believe that if we learn to love and care for each other we could make anything possible and achieve our biggest dreams and goals as a nation. 

Everyone works hard towards their goals and wants to achieve their dream. This is part of the American culture and our creed. In the article, “What the American Creed Means to Me” the writer says ,”The best way to better achieve the vision that is shown in the American Creed, is to see past the difference and work together towards the prosperity of the nation as a whole. By working together, it is possible for so many things to be done and the vision that the American Creed illustrates can be reached.” (Matthew R.) We all want an equal opportunity and be able to live freely and independently. We as Americans are very diverse and everyone in America has a different background and a different story. Everyone is unique and different in their own way and should be treated fairly. In the article “Key American Values” the writer of the article states, ” America’s population reflects remarkable ethnic diversity. More than 20 percent of the population of two major cities, Los Angeles and new York, were born in another country. ” (Unknown) We value helping each other and being there for each other. We help each other reach our goals and guide each other into a better tomorrow.


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October 23, 2018 2:03 pm

I like how you defined American culture by our main principles like freedom and new beginnings. You included your own opinion on American culture and how it could be better. You used direct qoutes and citations to show how other people view American culture which is something other people didn’t include! Overall, your paper was written well and stated interesting facts and opinions from people all over America.

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