My noble father,

I do perceive here a divided duty:

To you I am bound for life and education;

My life and education both do learn me

How to respect you; you are the lord of duty;

I am hitherto your daughter: but here’s my husband,

And so much duty as my mother show’d

To you, preferring you before her father,

So much I challenge that I may profess

Due to the Moor my lord.


My brave father

I feel divided with my heart

I am connected to you for lie

You have taught me so much about life

I respect you because you know what is morally right

I am your daughter, but I am married

And just as my mother did with you

Going against her own father

I must go against you

Othello is my love


Here Desdemona is explaining to her father why she must go agiants her father and stay with Othello. In this part of the story Desdemona’s father is against their marriage so Desdemona must sway him the other way. She starts out by giving her father complimetns on his fatherhood by saying,”My life and education both do learn me

How to respect you; you are the lord of duty.” She is saying shw would not be in the postion to day without him and is forever gratful for his wisdom. After starting the conversation with a compliment she goes into why it should be acceptable. She proclaims since her mother did the same it should be ok for her to do because her parents marraige was a success. I believe this is a very smart tactic by Desdemona to convince her father to let her be with Othello. By complimenting her father then connecting him to a situation he once had she is able to convince him easily. She knows the person she is trying to cinvicne and uses his strengths in her favor.




I will in Cassio’s lodging lose this napkin,

And let him find it. Trifles light as air

Are to the jealous confirmations strong

As proofs of holy writ: this may do something.

The Moor already changes with my poison:

Dangerous conceits are, in their natures, poisons.

Which at the first are scarce found to distaste,

But with a little act upon the blood.

Burn like the mines of Sulphur. I did say so:

Look, where he comes!


Where Cassio sleeps I will lose Desdomana’s napkin

Then I will let Othello know, although it is somthing very small of vlaue

Othello will become jelous and may cause problems with their relationship

Othello is emtions are easily tampered with my plan

Lying is my use of poison that will be his demise

Although at first difficult and ugly

With cause and action

The plan will be a succesful as a raging fire

Here Othello comes now.


Iago is explaining his plan to ear Desdemona and Othello apart. He is going to put a gift from Othello that being Desdemona’s napking in Cassio’s bedroom, amking othello think Desdemona is cheating on him. Iago says,”The Moor already changes with my poison” meaning everything that Iago does Othello becomes more jelous and he gets what he wants. This is a decitful but smart act by Iago. He is well aware of Othello’s love for Desdemona and he knows if he can split them up there is a chance for power change. With his posion being lying Iago knows he can split the two up and he knows his plan will be a success saying it will,”Burn like the mines of Sulphur.”

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