• What play did you choose? What act, scene and line numbers did you choose?

This passage is from Othello, act one, scene three, lines 208 through 218. This scene is Desdemona’s response to her father finding out abut her marriage to Othello, and her response to her father thinking she was forced into the marriage.

  • Which character did you play?

I play Desdemona, the wife of Othello and daughter of Brabantio.

  • What did you learn about the impact of tone, inflection, volume and pacing in your own rehearsal and oral performance?

I was surprised to find that even the slightest variation in tone, inflection, volume and pacing changed the whole meaning of the passage. A fast pace of the passage made it sound overly emotional and desperate. A volume that was to quiet made Desdemona seem weak and timid. Stressing different words drastically changed the passage.  I decided to use a respectful and admiring tone in the begging of the passage to convey the feelings she has for her father. Desdemona is a strong women, and I felt that she should be speaking clearly and forcefully, not whispering and being shy or yelling and being overly emotional. I decided to stress words like “my mother”, “you” and “her father” to really stress the comparison between her situation with Othello and her father’s relationship with her mother when they first got married.

  • What did you understand about the character’s traits and emotions as you were performing?

I feel like in this scene, Desdemona is slightly conflicted between her love and responsibility to her father and her love and responsibility to her husband. I don’t think she meant to hurt her father in getting married without his permission, but she wanted to marry the man she loves and her father wouldn’t it her. She is truly grateful for everything her father has given her throughout her life, but she needs him to understand that she is Othello’s wife now and her responsibilities lie with him.

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