How supportive Emilia is for Desdemona in Othello by Olivia

March 7, 2019


How supportive Emilia is for Desdemona in Othello

I recorded a passage from Othello in which Emilia speaking (4.2.159-169).

If I would have recorded it faster, it would have just seemed like Emilia is just spewing accusations because she is upset, but when spoken slower like I did for my final recording, Emilia seems pensive about the situation. This is important because no one else really considered the possibility that Othello was being manipulated. Any way this is recorded will provide a different meaning. For example, this passage may be recited in a sarcastic tone implying that Desdemona is unfaithful and that Othello is justified in calling her a whore.

In recording it like I did, I learned how supportive Emilia was for Desdemona. Emilia is extremely upset that all this is happening to the woman she works for because Emilia has a lot of love for Desdemona. This passion shows that she has no idea that her husband is the one manipulating Othello because she is too faithful towards Desdemona.