1)Quote It gives me wonder great as my content To see you here before me O my soul’s Joy 1 If after every tempest come such calms ,May the winds blow till they have wakened death!


RIght now Othello is ecstatic to see his wife Desdemona after her being worried and stressed out about his return.When Othello says ”If after every tempest come such calms”,He is using the word Tempest and its definition of a violent wind storm which is chaotic to show how chaotic his situation was and  how  believes everything is calm because Desdemona is now present .Shakespeare uses the word” Tempest” which has a latin origin of  ” tempus”  which means change in time .(Etymology Online )This is significant because it shows the change in the play from the character leaving Venice and entering Cyprus and the plots about to get chaotic because Iago is about to start manipulating everything  .When Othello says “May the winds blow till they have wakened death !”.He is using the word “death” and its definition of the ending  of the life ,to prove how serious his is to the extent he is expecting her to make every situation calm .Shakespeare is using the word death ironically because everyone at the end of the book eventually dies .


2)Quote:Her eye must be fed; and what delight shall she have to look on the devil?When the blood is made dull with with the act of sport,there should be ,again to inflame it and to give satiety a fresh appetite ,loveliness in flavor,sympathy in years ,manners,and beauties ;all which the Moor is defective in.
Right Now Iago is trying to be manipulative by trying to make Rodrigo believe that Desdemona will have an eye for someone else eventually (Cassio to be more precise). When Iago says “Her eye must be fed,” he is using the word fed which is past tense for the word “feed” and its meaning of supplying with material, power, or other things necessary for its operation.The “operation being her sexual attraction. Back then feed was interpreted as  “a sumptuous meal” and  sumptuous  means “delightful”(etymology online) .Iago is saying Othello is not delightful enough. When Iago says “ blood” he uses the word “blood”  which in this case represents the organic needs of a human desire  that can be fed or sparked.or made dull. .Shakespeare used the word “dull “and its meaning “to grow weary ,or tire “ to express the unsatisfactory  and tiredness Desdemona will have for her relationship with Othello. This infers that Othello  will not be able to keep the spark going .Then Iago says to Roderigo “to inflame it and give satiety a fresh appetite.” Shakespeare uses the word “inflame” and its definition of figuratively arousing excitement to explain how Desdemona’s excitement will  eventually fade and someone else will inflame it ..Iago also uses the phrase” fresh appetite” to show how Desdemona’s sexual desires will need to fed. Iago describes Desdemona’s future crush as .”loveliness in flavor ,sympathy in years ,manners and beauties”Here he is saying basically

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