Desdemona- Father I sense a divide here, I owe you life and education and through these things I have learned how to be I am your daughter but I am also bound to my husband which is the moor Othello.

Duke- Let me speak and give my voice to this argument about these 2 lovers.  We have seen in the past how these problems play out and we need to be smart going into the future.

Othello- It is great that we can all get together and talk about this. I promise that I am so happy with the current situation that I am in.  I am comfortable in the current situation and I have no desire to go into the future in any other fashion.

Iago- I will have Cassio lose the napkin and then through that the whole thing will unfold around Othello, He is already confused and problems are starting to arise around him, but here he comes so I need to put my plan into action.

Emilia- The moor has done some bad things and he is a terrible person, he also is treating Desdemona so poorly and he is just being so awful.  We need to do something about him and how he is acting because it is terrible.

Desdemona- Iago, what should I do to win him back? you need to go and you need to work things out with him the best you can, for it is important to make sure that the bond continues and things go back to the way that they used to be. I just don’t want him to divorce me and I want things to keep going he way that they have been.

Desdemona- When I was younger we had a maid named Barbara and she loved someone and she would sing this song.  The song was always being sung and eventually the love she had and the song drove her mad and that is just what love can do.

Emilia- Looking back I do not know if I made the right choice getting married so soon. All of things that I have gotten from it are great and I Think that my husband is great but It has just been a struggle to deal with some of the things that I have had to deal with.

Othello- Before you forget about me I want everyone to realize that I have done the state service my whole life and I was happy to do so, I also worked so hard to make those who love me comfortable and I hope that I have not caused much pain and issues and I hope that I have not been left behind as a problem or confusing.

The first section of this close read shows that gives us insight into the life of people in this era and of women of the era and the preconceived notions of servitude that they lived under.  We see a women making a choice on who she will marry and her reaction after she has eloped and the way that her family reacts.  We also get insight into the roles that she played in her Fathers home and in her new home where she is married to her husband.

In the second section we see the Duke adding his feelings and thoughts into the discussion about the fate of Desdemona and Othello and their eloped marriage along with her fathers feelings on the whole matter.  The duke says his whole thing and it is important because it lets some of the feeling swirling around Othello and the way that the proper man like the duke feels about a man such as Othello.


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