First Passage Paraphrase

Desdemona 1.3.208-218


I feel very divided by this decision,

To be forever in life and education because of you;

and they help me grow due to you father

But I do not know how to respect you;

I am your daughter, but I have a husband now too,

And I have always seen mother be loyal to you

Always choosing you over her own father.

So I must choose him too

giving him my respect and love.

First close reading analysis:

Desdemona is giving this short monologue to Barbantio, when the Duke and Iago are listening as well. He had asked her who she obeyed: her husband or her father. In reply she responded with this monologue in which I rewrote above.  The men in her life are simply wanting to know who she respects, cares and loves more, and this monologue gives the answer to that. To me Shakespeare uses imagery and metaphors of a hierarchy when he says “How to respect you; you are the lord of duty;” and this is a perfect example of it.


Second Passage Paraphrase

Othello 5.2.397-406

Wait, I want to say a thing or two before you go.

I have done the state some service, and they know it.

In the letters you write about this,

speak of me as I am, and nothing more.

Do not speak bad about me, of someone who loved with their heart.

I was not jealous, just perplexed by the past.

Second Reading Analysis:

Othello says this as he is dying after he killed Desdemona. At this point Othello has realized that he has been tricked, and does not want the world to see him as a jealous murderer, but as an overthrusting lover, who was tricked by one another.


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