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This source takes a bunch of graphs and shows that “the rising cost of commuting has been borne disproportionately by homeowners, non-white households, and those that drive to work.This graph shows that the percentage of commuters by vehicle decreases as remote workers increase. There is also a small decrease in the percent of commutes through walking and biking. This shows one or more of these possible situations: 1) Neighborhoods are not walkable. 2) People reside more and more out of walking distance from jobs. 3) Commuters by vehicle only slightly decrease while remote workers increase at a greater magnitude, which shows that a) this is from an increase in employment, as shown by a decrease in unemployment, and/or b) Vehicles replace walking and biking. Meanwhile this is occurring as the time and cost of commuting are at a steady increase and not showing any signs of slowing down. This graph shows the uphill nonstop trend of making a place to live increasingly expensive, as homeowners endure the longest commute and recent buyers pay for most of it. This graph shows that household commute times increased by 24.5% from 1980 to 2018, to a staggering 85.4 minutes per day! Imagine spending that time just driving when it could have been used instead for something productive or leisurely. But the increase by 24.5% of household commute times shows that in 1980, commute times took about an hour, which is still considerably long. This shows that the issue of making things car-centered and spaced out is a deeply-rooted issue, yet over the long term things have only gotten worse.

Overall this source shows that the current projects making things more car-friendly are not helping the overall situation with the need to commute and having those commute times be at an all-time high.

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