I am from the beach swimming in the full moon near to the train station.                                           

I am from the family moments ,

Where its private.

I am from  one blue Toyota , stuck in the morning traffic.

I am from mangu, pupusas, salad , bollitos de yucas,

From my brother Yainel.

I am from those decorations(flower and wall decorations),  from nada es eterno.

I am from video games, around the house.

I am from you should believe more in yourself,

Where people notice your attitude toward life.

I am from the dark light of my room, where it feels a safe place to be. 

I am from the  fried fish of Kaylen.

I am from the Lasagna, Spaghetti and tostones.

I am from the demands and moments, from my craziest family.



  1. Ishak 3 years ago

    I like this poem because you Semi-fruits from your country.

  2. Elizabeth 4 years ago

    “I am from the dark light of my room, where it feels a safe place to be.” I like this part, because I am also of those people.

  3. Lona 4 years ago

    The very first line of your poem draws me in because I love the ocean and I love being near it. I am also love the moon so when you mention both the beach and the moon in your first line, I feel like I am write there walking on a beach under the moonlight. I love the title, “Ordinary Life” as your poem communicates how you find beauty in the simple and natural aspects of life.

  4. Grace 4 years ago

    Your poem has so many wonderful images – foods and things in your home. It also has so many feelings like when you wrote, “I am from the dark light of my room, where it feels a safe place to be.” I can both see and feel your room and I know what you mean – I feel that way about my room too!

  5. Xuefeng 4 years ago

    I like you say you’re from a craziest family. It’s really funny. And It tells me you like your family. Nice job.!!!!!!!!!!

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