Oral presentations by Wendy

May 1, 2017


Oral presentations

  1. The two videos that  watched were  Bad and Good oral presentation and also Ted Presentation . Anderson wanted the watchers to understand that the person that is public speaking has the power the convince people and grab the audience’s attention. Some annotations i took from this video was the way to stand and a good way to show body language.I learned two separate things in bothe videos in the first video Good and Bad presentation i learned how to pose and show body language when i present  and also how  to speak clearly and loudly. On the second video Teds Presentation i learned that the presenter really has to know what they are talking about and seem confident about what they are present it so other people can feel connection to the presentation.

    Presenting in front of people makes me feel really nervous and scared but i know that it will help me get stronger as a presenter. I have spoken in district board meeting befor i have also done a lot of workshops and presentations in the past.