• Article 1
    • Claim
      • House Democrats should not impeach Trump
    • Evidence/justifications
      • Impeachment does not include or lead to removal from office (Nixon and Clinton).
      • Mike Pence would succeed Trump if Trump is removed, and Pence could be a much more difficult political opponent to deal with than Trump (uses Coolidge as an example where succession was positive, but explains it would end up badly for the Democrats).
    • Source
  • Article 2
    • Claim
      • It is appropriate for the House of Representatives to launch an investigation into whether or not the impeachment of Trump is appropriate.
    • Evidence/justifications
      • Trump ordered his personal lawyer, Cohen, to lie on his behalf
      • No president is above the law – proceedings must continue if the president is to be held to the law
      • Trump’s administration threatening to use executive privilege points to a severe danger
    • Source
  • My Position
    • I believe that there should be an impeachment investigation. Trump’s actions have far passed the threshold to warrant such an investigation, and an investigation is not the same as calling for impeachment – it is to determine whether impeachment ought to be called for. We should know if our president is fit to be in office, since the office of the president is one that should be held to the highest standards, since it is the highest office.
  • Transition Sentences
    • The impeachment inquiry is important to House Democrats, though impeachment does not include removal from office.
    • Actions of the Trump administration warrant an impeachment inquiry, however, impeachment and removal of Trump only removes Trump – his administration remains, and Pence will simply take his place and continue his work.
    • While impeachment does not include removal from office, it is important to hold the president accountable for his actions since no one is above the law.
  • Concessive Clauses
    • While impeachment may seem like a way to hold Trump accountable/under the law, it does not include removal from office, this is not necessary.
    • While an inquiry will not remove Trump from office, it is important to hold him accountable for his actions.
    • Though Pence would replace Trump if removed (and would most likely be a more difficult political opponent for the Democrats), no one is above the law, and violations of it must be addressed.
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December 6, 2019 6:39 pm

Hey Eric,
You did a great job sourcing your information and summarizing the main points of the article, it made it easy to understand and create an opinion. I also agree with you, if Trump broke the law something needs to be done about it. We shouldn’t allow people to sweep it under the rug and forget about it. No one is above the law. Try putting all the information into 2 coherent paragraphs to make it more easy to read.

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