Opposing Viewpoints: Anti Vs. Pro Vaping

Why has the effects vaping become a more prevalent issue than the effects of smoking cigarettes?

Vaping is an urgent threat

The writer’s main claim in this essay is that Vape products need to be regulated and even cease to exist completely. They want to bring awareness about health risks. They use evidence brought forward by CBC news, the CDC and Tobaccocontrol.com. The evidence found within these sources links vaping to major health problems and urges people to give it up. The author justifies using this evidence by voicing concern for a young generation that is being influenced to use vape and E-cigarettes.  

Government Ignores Benefits of Vape

The writer’s main claim in this essay is that Vape products are generally less harmful than cigarettes and, that the war on vaping is ignoring serious health benefits to vape products such as E-Cigarettes. The author uses evidence from places such as the FDA, the UK Government, the CDC, and Heartland.org.  The evidence within these sources shows how cigarettes are more harmful than E-cigarettes because there is no tar found within vapes, and the nicotine while addicting is not nearly as harmful. It also shows how there has been a stronger push to ban vapes over cigarettes even though these vapes help many people quit cigarette smoking. The author justifies using the evidence by voicing their frustration of the government for banning the lesser of two evils. The author wants to spread awareness about why they believe the government has made the wrong move. 

My Position

The way that I see it, people should be trying to give up both cigarettes and vapes. I know that neither are good for a person and because of this I think we should be working to give up and eventually ban the usage of both. After reading both articles, I find myself agreeing more with the second one. I don’t think that vaping is really any better than smoking cigarettes but, because there is less health risk I think that until we ban cigarettes, vaping should be allowed to help the wane people off of cigarettes and the tar found within them. 

Transition Sentences

  • On the other hand, many people believe that vaping is essential to getting rid of tobacco once and for all.
  • Conversely, others believe that vaping may be a solution to the tobacco epidemic.
  • In comparison to this author, another thinks that vaping and E-cigarettes are getting falsely accused as “the bad guy”.

Concessive Clauses

  • Many people believe vaping needs to be more regulated even though, it has been proven to be less of a health risk than cigarettes. 
  • Some have painted the image of vape being a hero although the health risks have been clear for a long time.
  • A huge population wants regulation and banned usage of vapes in spite of the benefits proven for people trying to stop smoking cigarettes.
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