I believe the most basic reason we have different opinions and views is because we all have different interests that will benefit us.  In many issues, there is no one right and one wrong. There are many questions in between that need to be answered. In everything from politics, to ethics, to simple, everyday problems, there will be a difference in opinions. However, these differences in what we believe allow things to change and to happen. If we all thought the same, nothing would change, and nothing would be challenged.

Difference in opinion can been seen throughout time and today. How people respond to these differences can and have become a problem. In the article “Me vs You – Why People Get Offended By Opinions, the author Mario Rodriguez, states that we form opinions based on what we think is best. He explains that we are offended by other’s opinions because we feel as if we are being told we are wrong- something not many people want to be told. He explains it as follows, “If I purchase Brand A, it’ll be because I think it is the better brand. Because it is better, I have made the right choice. But if someone else comes along and purchases Brand B and claims it to be better, it will be as if they’re saying that I’m wrong”. He goes on to say that we develop what is called “theory of mind” which is, “the ability to attribute mental thoughts and states to oneself, and to understand that other people have a different view of the world”.

I think that our problem is that we don’t develop “theory of mind”. We are so focused on what we want and what benefits us. And one of our problems is not in having different opinions, but how we react to others who do not share our opinions. I think that as a generation, we must continue to be more accepting and respectful of others. We must understand that everyone comes from a different background, a different life, so we will have different views; but when we learn to accept that others have opinions- not agreeing, but accepting- we will get more done.

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September 15, 2016 4:24 pm

I definitely agree, I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to have differing opinions and makes better humans most of time. Good job, yeah.

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