Students online speech should be limited because students need to learn how to respect one another , if school aren’t getting involved who would be, and students who get bullied could end up getting hurt by the victims.

Students need discipline so they can learn how to respect one another. In J.S Vs Blue Mountain school District, decided to only suspend J.S for creating  a MYSpace account account of her principle on the weekend at home. Her only consequence was being suspended but what did she get out of that suspension is the question. The school should punished her in a different way for like probably writing a five page essay apologizing, or picking up trash after school for two weeks so she can learn making accounts that are not real is not a good idea and social media bullying is being limited to students.  

Schools should be be helping out limit social media bullying because if they don’t who will be there for the victims. We need social workers to work with kids and even teachers. They have been victims as well. In a Survey of British School Teacher the percentage show that only 15.1% andered yes to being victims of bullying and 84.9 answered no. There was more to the answer “NO” but this could have been because they felt ashamed of themselves for letting it get to them.  The students that bullied these teacher reduced confidence and self esteem to these teachers. This mean that students need to also get help as well as teachers to stop disrupting the learning environment and living of each other. If school slimit social media bullying it would make a difference to one another.

If social media is not limited then the victims would want to hurt the bullies since the victims are not being heard. In Russlynn Ali Department of Education office for Civil Rights  explains that the administrators should take action once a person is bullied. It is important to give the victim full attention because they feel like everyone is against them and that when school shooting happened due to the fact that there is nothing being done to the bullied. There has also been cases that when students are victim of bullying they commit suicide because they feel like no one cares about how they feel. Social media bullying need to put a limit because it has caused more problems in school.

We should consider putting a limit to social media because it has created problems as years go by not only to students but teachers as well.

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