Online school during a pandemic by Saray

October 4, 2021


Online school during a pandemic

In the article, ‚ÄúStay-at-Home School ” (Posted by Admin) I learned that because of the Pandemic, having students engage in virtual class has been a big problem. A recent poll has revealed 47% of students have not attended a virtual class. This is because some students do not have access to the internet at home and many libraries, coffee shops, and restaurants are shut down leaving them with no other option. I learned that in some places it has been overwhelming for teachers to get students to participate as well. 

Even if covid has come a long way I can agree that having to attend school is unsafe for both students and young adults because it gives them no other choice but to stay isolated at home. Staying at home can affect some people. Also, how it is keeping them away from friends and even family. 

Did you ever experience trouble when doing school online?