One Thing by Orlando

April 17, 2019


One Thing

My name is Orlando Ramos. I was born in September of 2000 in Austin, Texas. I have lived in Austin my whole life, where I have made many friends and tried many things. Something important that happened to me was when I moved to the Northside of Austin right before starting middle school. It changed who I am mostly because I was surrounded by people I did not know. I had to make new friends and that’s where I know most of my friends currently.

  I don’t really like school or any of the subjects I am required to take. I once took an after school robotics class in the 5th grade, but it was just so I could play with my friends. I don’t think I am good at any subjects in school, but there are some things that I don’t find that hard to do, like reading or math. Outside of school, I enjoy going out or hanging out with friends. Either we go out to eat, or play soccer; we always have a good time.

  One thing I connected with is the topic of stray animals. I see a lot of strays in my neighborhood, especially in the apartment complex where I live. I think the city should be taking more action on trying to find these animals a home. It sometimes gets to me because I have a pet dog and I wouldn’t want to see her living in the streets with no food, water, and shelter.