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My name is Orlando Ramos. I was born in September of 2000 in Austin, Texas. I have lived in Austin my whole life, where I have made many friends and tried many things. Something important that happened to me was when I moved to the Northside of Austin right before starting middle school. It changed who I am mostly because I was surrounded by people I did not know. I had to make new friends and that’s where I know most of my friends currently.

  I don’t really like school or any of the subjects I am required to take. I once took an after school robotics class in the 5th grade, but it was just so I could play with my friends. I don’t think I am good at any subjects in school, but there are some things that I don’t find that hard to do, like reading or math. Outside of school, I enjoy going out or hanging out with friends. Either we go out to eat, or play soccer; we always have a good time.

  One thing I connected with is the topic of stray animals. I see a lot of strays in my neighborhood, especially in the apartment complex where I live. I think the city should be taking more action on trying to find these animals a home. It sometimes gets to me because I have a pet dog and I wouldn’t want to see her living in the streets with no food, water, and shelter.

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March 3, 2020 6:10 pm

Dear Orlando,

I am satisfied with your post because… I have a passion for stray animals as well.
One thing you said that stands out for me is: “How you were casually talking about daily life and then you switched to the topic of stray dogs” I think this is intelligent because… You are letting people know about your life and then you quickly switched to stray animals

Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time… I found a stray cat and i really wanted to take it in but my mom was saying no.I was really confused why but then i understood that we didn’t have the space so we took it to a shelter

Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because… i really enjoyed reading about how you want to help stray animals.

December 10, 2019 1:48 am

Hi Orlando,
This is a very positive post. I know it is very hard for everyone to join into a new environment and most of the people don’t like study all day long in school. Because just like you, I like sports too. Also, you action to those homeless animals is very kindness. I hope they all could find their home soon.Great job!
Clinton Kwong.

Here is a link that might help you:
There are some resources about homeless animals. Good luck!

April 25, 2019 3:02 pm

Hello Orlando! My name is Sante Di Sera and I am a highschool senior from Salt Lake City, Utah. While you say that you aren’t all too good at any subject, I believe your writing is honest and conversational. With more time to learn and enjoy school, I’m sure you’ll grow to discover what you love. I think it’s amazing that you care so much about stray animals and I’m sure – if you wanted – there is a local animal shelter that you can volunteer at and help animals. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

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