One self by Josue

October 4, 2017


One self


                           Josue Chavez


The art shown on my box is who I am, not the “wetback that is taking away jobs”. That’s a dominant story, which is what society sees when they see me or Hispanic people like me. hidden in me. It is the layer that only a few can see, which is the only one that one can fully understand. My box represents a tremendous amount of what I have been built upon, which in fact they are, my sexuality, ethnicity, and race. The 3 represents the day that changed a whole lot of my life. I loved someone that meant a lot to me. Unfortunately, someone could have avoided everything. Month per month, I went into a deep state of depression. No one was there for me when I needed my family, friends, and myself the most to get back on track who I really was meant to be. My race has brought a big problem to the table. That doesn’t mean that I should just accept it. I try to break it by being what I could and what to be, that makes it a counter narrative story. Tragically, people in power see and hear a  different story. They see us as the cause of crime and rape. Donald Trump said it himself. He has tried to suppress us by feeding onto the hatred built upon blindfolded people. Lastly, my ethnicity is what keeps my family together. I strongly believe that what makes us together is food. Food is the best way to gather family and enjoy a great meal on a Christmas night. It brings this hope of wanting to live because of the tamales, pozole, and most important of all, the frijoles.