The book we’ve been reading for the past few weeks is called Street Life, by Victor Rios. The book is about the author’s life as a gang affiliated teen in Los Angeles and how he slowly came to the decision to turn his life around. He goes on to become a doctor, with a loving family, the true peak of many people’s dream life. Throughout the book, you’ll come face to face with violence, sympathy, and inspiration. While reading the book, I connected so much to the book that it felt like I was reading something that someone had written about my life. I highly recommend people to read this book who have gone through or are still going through “the ghetto”, I’m sure they’ll connect in some way, no matter the race. This book will hopefully inspire those who are having trouble with turning their life around, and onto the right track to success.

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March 14, 2018 2:47 am

Thank you for your post I really thought it was a good post to connect with. I liked how you really incorporated the book into your own lifestyle. It is interesting how a book can relate so well to your own life. I’m interested in hearing further post about the book you are reading. thank you again for your post.

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