O Black Wall Street, beacon of hope, 

A testament to dreams and scope. 

In Tulsa’s heart, you once did rise, 

A jewel that reached the azure skies. 

A vibrant tapestry of enterprise, 

Where Black excellence dared to rise. 

Greenwood, your name,

 now whispered with pride, 

A testament to a community’s stride.

 In the early 1900s, against the tide, 

You flourished, unyielding, side by side. 

Black-owned businesses, bustling and grand, 

A testament to the strength of a determined band. 

From barber shops to theaters adorned, 

Your streets, vibrant and brimming.

 Educated minds, skilled artisans, 

Together building a new foundation. 

Entrepreneurs emerged, ambitions untamed,

 Creating wealth, prosperity unchained. 

The Dreamland Theater, where music would sway,

 Echoes of joy and laughter still today.

 O Black Wall Street, your spirit alive,

 A beacon of hope that continued to thrive. 

Despite the darkness that sought to erase, 

Your legacy endured, a symbol of grace.

 But tragedy struck with furious might, 

In flames and chaos, a fateful night. 

Envy and hatred unleashed their wrath, 

Destroying dreams, tearing families in half. 

O the pain, the anguish, the loss, 

Yet the resilience of the community across. 

From ashes and ruins, a phoenix arose, 

With determination, your spirit chose. 

Decades may pass, 

wounds may heal, 

But the memory of your strength, we feel. 

Black Wall Street, a reminder so profound, 

Of a community’s worth, forever renowned. 

Let us honor the legacy you left,

 By nurturing the dreams that continue to grow.

 Injustice confronted with unity’s might,

Together we’ll rise, shining ever so bright. 

O Black Wall Street, we shall raise our voice, 

In admiration and awe, we rejoice. 

Your spirit lives on, 

a beacon of light, 

Guiding us forward, through the darkest night

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