Odd Friend

Link To Project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/128477815/

A story of confusion where Beansoop has to go through many obstacles to save his friend Terd.

To create my Scratch animation I had to go through three phases. Firstly, I made a script in which the characters have lines. Next, I made a storyboard on StoryboardThat where the movement and the settings were introduced to the story. Lastly I made the actual Scratch animation combining the likings of the script and the storyboards to create the project above.



Sidekick=Pro 2


Pro:Hello Pro 2. How are you doing?

Pro 2:I am actually doing very well.

Pro: Hmmm. Seems like you.

Pro 2:Like me?

Pro:Nevermind it’s just that there have been a lot of shapeshifters.

Pro 2: Ohhh that.

Pro: Yeah, anyways are you ready?

Pro 2: Yup same thing anyday everyday.

Pro: Are you okay?

Pro 2: Actually no.

Pro:Why not?

Pro 2:I”m not Pro 2. Mwahahahahahahahah.

Goes to Act 2

Act 2

Pro: How do I save Pro 2 from the Eevill Corp.

Pro: Why why why today????

Anta: Because why not.

Pro: How did you get in here.

Anta: Anything is possible my friend.

Pro:Since when are you so cheesy.

Anta : Since I had control over your assistant.

Pro:If he were here, he would’ve been pissed.

Anta:Yeah I know.And isn’t he.

Pro:What do you mean?

Anta:You see I have control over Pro 2’s memories.

Pro:So you have full access over his mind and all his ideas.

Anta:Yes I do.

Pro:You know that Pro 2 is probably trying to get rid of your powers.

Anta:Very well. After all he is an underrated overachiever. He’d rather be in the spotlight than in the shadows of you.

Pro:Is he actually acting like that?

Anta:Have you never noticed?

Goes to Act 3

Act 3

Pro:(Thinks about the times Pro 2 has been envious about his fame.)

Pro:You do know that Pro 2 is always reliable.

Anta:But he is for all the wrong reasons.

Pro:Why are you puppeting me?

Anta:Because why not?

Pro:For once in my life a villain is angering me?

Anta:Hmmm, it seems legit.

Pro:It should be, because i will “legit” pulverize you.

Anta:Oh my evil.

(They start fighting.)

Pro:What do you get out of it?


Pro:Fine what?

Anta:I have to pay for my wife’s medical expenses. If she doesn’t do surgery within the next few weeks she will die.

Pro:I’m sorry for acting this way. But you don’t need to perform these violent acts in order to save your wife.

Anta:You can have your friend back.

(Goes to the Teleportation Amplifier Device.)

Anta:He isn’t there.

Pro:Why not?

Anta:Because he is searching for you in another dimension. And now he won’t have to. I’ll bring yoh to him. Sayonara Pro 1.

Pro:Peace bro. Just kidding.

(Pro and Pro 2 come out of TAD)

Pro:Now you are outnumbered.

Pro 2:Feels good to be back.

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