Phoebe , the protagonist in One of us Is Next , has a few traits that influence her relationships with others.

One, she is brave. Two, she is Strong .  Three, she is sneaky.

These traits influence her relationships with others. “It’s gone dark, and I press the Home button to reactivate the screen. Phoebe slept with her sister Emma’s boyfriend.” sneaky comes into play here when Phoebe cheats on her boyfriend with her sister’s boyfriend. This is sneaky because not only are you being deceitful to your boyfriend, your sister too, and phoebe tried  to do this secretly. 

Later, on page 90, Brandon  interacts with Phoebe, basically molesting  her. “Brandon doesn’t listen. He forces another kiss on me, moving his body just enough that I can get an arm free. I keep my lips pressed tightly together against his probing tongue, reaching up to grab a fistful of his hair. I pull his head backward, then let go and slap him as hard as I can across the face” phoebe’s response here deepens a reader’s sense of her being Strong , and sparks a feeling of Anger that Brandon did this to her. I think she is strong because to go through that experience it’s very sad and a problem in this world today but for her to fight back and to make him stop shows that she is a strong woman.



  1. issy 13 hours ago

    Hello Ocean ,
    I really liked how you explained everything and summed it up when you said Pheobe was basically getting molested. Also how you said Pheobe was feeling. Good work.

  2. Author
    Ocean 5 days ago

    Ian, thank you for the feedback, now that i’m reading over my work I realized my mistake, i’ll make sure i’ll edit it.

  3. Amra 5 days ago

    Dear Ocean

    The book of the cover makes me think that one of us will go either now or later in life this referrer to life that life is short for all of us A reminder to all of you out their money doesn’t bring you anywhere what you can do with money is buy stuff but health is First in life because you can’t buy health with money.

    • Amra 5 days ago

      Dear Ocean
      One thing that stands out to me is the name of the book because it Relates to life and it makes me think that either we are going to die now or later in our lives and when i think about it makes me think about that life is short so what I would keep in my mind instead of overthinking i would just keep to myself live while young and have fun and enjoy life because working hard doesn’t bring you no where in terms of health you say you like it and you buy it but you can’t buy health so I suggestion everyone to have this in their mindset that money comes and goes but have health first in your life

  4. Matthew 3 weeks ago

    this book seems really interesting might check it out!

  5. Nicolle 3 weeks ago

    Dear, Ocean

    I really enjoyed how you explained the traits of Phoebe and how she is, but I specifically enjoyed the part where you phoebe was getting molested and how this is a big problem now in days. But it also showed how Phoebe stood up and showed she is strong in such situation where some wont know what to do when stuck in that position.

  6. Nico 3 weeks ago

    This book looks interesting I might read it next.

  7. Ian 3 weeks ago

    Dear Ocean,

    I am interested with your post “One of us is Next” because Phoebe sounds like a good character. She has very interesting qualities that make her a unique character. She sounds like someone who would make the book very good to read.

    One thing you said that stands out to me is “One, she is supportive”. I think this is interesting because in your post I didn’t understand what you meant by that. This is because you also stated that she cheated on her boyfriend with her sisters boyfriend. If she can do something like this to her own sister then I don’t know what you mean when you say that she is supportive.

    Have you seen this book? I thought you might like this book because it is the written by the same author as the book you posted about. Another reason is because it is the prequel to “One of us is Next” so if you liked this books you would also probably like “One of us is Lying”

    Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this post was interesting and I think that if I keep looking at your posts, then I can get more good book recommendations like this one.

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